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Things to Consider


Dave Ramsey says, you need an attorney with the heart of a teacher, one to explain and one to look at many sides of the picture.  To do that, an attorney has to spend time, talk to you, read documents perhaps, and listen to facts. This takes time and an attorney's time is his stock in trade.

Divorce and family law take time to get a handle on. In order that you can get legal advice, and not wonder the what-ifs, Sam Blaiss lowers the cost of his hourly rate and offers reduced rates for legal consultations.  Most divorce-type initial consultations can last an hour and consultations run as low as $70.00 . 

before your consultation

Things to do when you meet for an initial consultation:

1.  Write out questions. Many times, your mind gets overloaded with information or you are wanting to follow up with what is being said by the attorney.  You lose your place or train of thought.  Having it all written out, even an outline, gets you back on track and makes the most of your consultation.

2.  Plan out what you want to learn and ask appropriate questions. Do you want to know more about the attorney?  Do you want an appraisal of your case and circumstances?

3.  Key details should be written out so you can have the answers at the meeting. Bring the most pertinent documents if you have them.